Chesapeake Bay Fish

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a flexible and powerful line. It is characterized, among other things, its medium length and tall ears, protruding from a well proportioned head. The nose is of medium length and has a strong jaw. The coat is dense and is characterized by the secretion of a protective oil that waterproofs the dog against cold water (which like to swim) and gives a characteristic odor.

This breed requires little care. In the case of the coat, avoid the use frecuencte shampooing, as it removes the natural oils that make insulation. In fact, it is best to let the animal to bathe itself in natural water courses. In the section on exercise, you need it and in large quantities.

It is a lively and cheerful dog who misses no chance to play. He likes the water and does not hesitate to jump on it when you have time. It requires a firm and patient training, given a tendency to independence.

The origin of this breed is rather unusual and well documented. In 1807, an English ship was en route to England was carrying two beautiful Newfoundland puppies (one brown and one black), when shipwrecked on the coast of Maryland. An American ship called the “Canton” went to his rescue and, in gratitude, the dogs were given away to the Americans. Later, in America, these dogs were crossed with retrievers and smooth curly hair and also with Irish water dogs. The result is that we know today as Retriever Chesapeake Bay. The standard for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was defined in 1885.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is undoubtedly the best retriever in cold water, a task that is particularly well equipped for their fur insulation (due to the secretion of oil that protects it from cold water). His fingers have a webbing that allows you to swim more easily.

– It is an excellent conductor.
– Enchanting with children.
– It requires little care.

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